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Please remember to wear your facemask when attending mass thank you.

Please remember to wear your facemask when attending mass thank you.

Safeguarding information


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Parish Priest 

Keith Airey

0121 360 1884

Beryl Jones

0121 360 1093

Jane Davies

0798 683 2611

Fr. Phillip Calvert

0121 360 7288

Bishop's Safeguarding Adviser (T: 07342 993 844)

About us


Saint Mark’s Church serves the Parish of Kingstanding which lies to the north of the city of Birmingham. The church building was consecrated in 1971 and along with our Parish Centre provides a flexible, modern building in which both worship and a variety of community projects are able to work side-by-side to serve God and his people amongst whom we live and work.

This is an anglo-catholic church proclaiming the Gospel and the Sacraments in the modern catholic tradition under the Episcopal care of the Bishop of Ebbsfleet with a lively and varied musical tradition and the assurance of a warm welcome to all.

The Mass is celebrated throughout the week and the Sacrament of reconciliation (Confession) is offered by prior arrangement with the parish priest.

Arrangements for baptisms, weddings and for the reading of banns of marriage can be made in church on Saturday mornings at 10:30am.

Mass Times

Monday - Closed 

Tuesday - 10:00am Mass

Wednesday - 12:00pm Mass

Thursday - 10:00am Mass 

Friday - 12:00pm Mass

Saturday - 10:00am Mass

Sunday - 8:30am Low Mass

Sunday - 10:00am Parish Mass

All are welcome!

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