Day Care Centre

Our Day Care Centre is open 4 days a week. Monday to Wednesday and Friday.

Transport can be provided if required. Our drivers and care staff will bring you to the centre and take you home in comfort and safety.

Our day centre staff organise activities throughout the day. These activities range from something you can complete on your own, in pairs or small groups or with everyone in the centre. You will soon make new friends to chat with.

On arrival you will be served refreshments and there is a 2 course midday meal freshly cooked on our premises.


Entertainers visit on a regular basis as does an extend exercise tutor on a weekly basis. There are also trips out .


We do cater for older people with physical and mental conditions. New members are visited by our staff before they start attending.


Local authorities can often help with the cost of attending.

The daily cost is £25.00. This can be paid in cash or by BACS. We will issue invoices where monthly payments are the most convenient. 

For further information contact us on 0121 360 4298.